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We Take Your Privacy Seriously.

It can be hard to talk about personal issues in a small community like ours.

The people there to help might know your friends, teachers, even your parents.

That’s true. You might know some service providers by name, but confidentiality is one of our most important values.

That’s what people say. But do they mean it?

It’s more than words. Strict rules make sure that we can’t talk about what you tell us, except in some very serious cases. If we break confidentiality, we can lose our jobs.

What about the stuff I look up on this site?

The PLAN-Y site is also confidential. Nothing you do here involves personal information, and you’re not being tracked.

You can even hide that you’re even looking at this site. Tap the cover icon at the top right to cover up the site if things get a bit sketchy.

Does this apply to all services? What if I have more questions?

Remember, different services may have different rules around confidentiality. Further questions can be answered by contacting that service directly.

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