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Lil'wat Health and Healing's Mental Health and Wellness department offers many programs including counselling, addictions supports and youth outreach.

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Mental Wellness and Addictions offers:

  • Counselling (individual and group)
    Health & Healing’s group counselling programs include Elders Circle, Caring for the Caregiver, Family Circles and Around the Table. We are also proud to offer ceremonial support.
  • Residential School Support
    Health & Healing provides residential school survivors and their families advocacy and resourcing, healing workshops, and support sessions.
  • Drug And Alcohol Counselling (NNADP)
    Health & Healing offers culturally appropriate drug and alcohol counselling to the community through Cedar Circle Counselling Services. To aid in recovery, Cedar Circle helps with:
    • Residential treatment applications
    • Detox support
    • Ceremonial support such as using a sweat lodge, smudging and brushing

We offer an Alcoholics Anonymous program and promote sobriety through our Annual Líl̓wat Addiction Awareness Week programs.

  • Psychiatric Services and Referrals
    Mental health can be effectively treated to improve the lives of those suffering. Vancouver Coastal Health psychiatrist Dr. Layne Harvey is onsite at the Líl̓wat Health & Healing at least once a month. There are other opportunities to meet with Dr. Harvey at the Pemberton and Whistler health centres.
  • Youth Outreach
    Health & Healing supports our youth through:
    • Weekly Youth Nights
    • Career and personal counselling
    • Summer support activities

An Al-Anon program is also available to youth dealing with addiction within their families. We also deliver the Positive Action program and community health education at Xeťólacw Community School.

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Mount Currie Lil'wat Nation



11092 Black Bear Road, Mount Currie, BC V0N 2K0

Last Updated on January 11, 2018