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Goal-oriented, home based services, provided through Sea to Sky Community Services (SSCS), to prevent out of home placements and reduce risks within families.

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These services, available to families referred through MCFD, provide goal-oriented home based services to prevent out of home placements and reduce risks within families.

We also help children who have been in care reconnect with their families. Families are assigned a Family Counsellor who can respond quickly if needed, provide therapeutic and educational interventions and connect the family to professional and community-based resources.

These services help family members develop the resources, goals and skills they need to keep their family together.

Individual Family Preservation and Reunification Services are services provided directly to clients by a Family Counsellor and are delivered primarily in the home. A Family Counsellor provides support to families through assessment, parenting skills, counselling, connecting to communities and addressing concrete needs.

Additional specialized therapeutic interventions may be provided by another clinician working directly with the Family Counsellor. The Family Counsellor and Resource Worker support families by providing a range of services to address a variety of needs.

Referrals are often made to contracted services deemed necessary, including homemaker services (practical training and support for parents’ in-home management and routines); child and youth care one-to-one workers (available for children up to 15 as well as teens in continuing care); doula services (in-home help for expectant and new parents); mediation (primarily parent/teen).

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Please call the Ministry of Children and Families in Pemberton or the MCFD Youth Helpline for referral.



1357 Aster Street, Pemberton, BC

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Last Updated on January 9, 2017