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With about 100 members, Pemberton BMX Club riders compete across the province and beyond. Pemberton's BMX track is a gathering place for bikers from toddlers to adults, and provides all levels of riders the freedom to have fun and push the boundaries.

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If you are a BMX Canada or BMX USA member, competing at any of Pemberton’s club races is free and welcomed. If you aren’t a member, the club offers a one-day free trial for any one race or practice.

Every Thursday night, the track is bustling. Racers need only bring a bike, as well as a long-sleeve shirt, long pants, and a helmet.

Check our website, follow us on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook to hear about our events.

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Anyone with a bike

Ages 3 - 93



Mix of free and paid options



7405 Cottonwood St, Pemberton, BC V0N 2L1

Client Comments

We get a ton of people coming to watch the kids on race night and there are often full families that race on the same night. In the past, provincial championships draw over 750 people and 250 competitors. It's a pretty big deal. - Jessica Turner

The passion and drive of Pemberton BMX’s dedicated group of volunteers has enabled it to harness the energy and enthusiasm of the community to build a top-notch BMX track. The track supports exceptional race programming and riding opportunities, enriching Pemberton and neighbouring communities. - Nikki Gilmore

Last Updated on March 28, 2024