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Welcome to Pemberton and District’s showcase recreational, learning and meeting facility. The Community Centre is a key component of this vibrant community. It’s spacious and bright fitness centre, library and multi-purpose rooms are home to a multitude of fitness, arts, wellness and dance programs for all ages. Whether gathering in the lobby for a visit with friends, relaxing on the outdoor lawns, or getting together at a function or your little one’s birthday party, there’s always something wonderful to do.

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Facility Features:

– Outdoor Spray Park (open daily from 10am – 8pm through the summer months)
Fitness Centre
– Showers – included in fitness membership and available for purchase
– Stretching Studio
– Great Hall
The Rec – Pemberton Youth and Seniors Centre
– Multi-Purpose Rooms
Pemberton & District Public Library
– Community Kitchen


Youth on Weights Program:

Youth on Weights is a mandatory 3-hour (2 x 1.5 hour sessions) fitness orientation necessary for individuals 13-15 years of age wanting to utilize the fitness centre at the Pemberton and District Community Centre. The orientation must be facilitated by a certified personal trainer and should occur at the Pemberton and District Community Centre.

Courses are available through the Pemberton and District Community Centre at

If the courses are full, or do not work with your schedule, Youth on Weights can be booked privately by contacting the personal trainers below.

Contact personal trainer for rates and availability. Fitness Centre drop in fee will be in addition to the personal trainers fee.

a. Michelle Nelson:
b. Anngela Leggett:
c. Jessica Turner:
d. Becky Jordan:
e. Sylvie Allen: 

Once you are registered for the course you will complete an assessment and an exam to be signed off to use the fitness centre.



Our organization is looking for dedicated individuals to join us! Spend 90 minutes cleaning our workout spaces each week and receive a three month pass to the Fitness Centre!

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  • Monday to Friday
    6am to 9pm
  • Saturday
    8am to 5pm
  • Sunday (mid Oct - mid May)
    9am to 4pm





Varies. Drop-In and passes available. Low income (L.I.F.E) assistance available. Volunteer opportunities (for fitness passes) available)



7390 Cottonwood Street, Pemberton, BC

Last Updated on March 21, 2024