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The Trans Care BC care coordination team is comprised of a general practitioner (GP), nurses and health navigators. We are here to connect you to gender-affirming health and wellness supports as close to home as possible. Located in Vancouver, we work in collaboration with service providers and community contacts around the province.

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If you are a youth, young adult or family member of a youth seeking gender affirming care, our team can help you:

• Access information related to any trans health and wellness related question
• Link youth and family members to relevant service and care providers
• Share options for accessing gender affirming medical care
• Provide tools and advice for creating gender affirming spaces such as school settings, sports teams, daycare
• Offer brief one-on-one phone sessions for parents and caregivers who are looking for resources and support

If you are a parent of a gender creative child, our team can help you:
• Get the information you are seeking, including recommended reading and online resources.
• Help identify parent support groups, networks and social opportunities for gender creative kids and families around the province.
• Suggest counselling options (private and public) that are gender affirming and close to home, if there is interest in counselling support.
If you are a health care provider, our team can provide:
• Support and clinical consultation around the delivery of gender-affirming care
• Connection to appropriate resources, to support capacity building in the area of trans health care

If you are a family member, caregiver, partner, teacher or friend of someone who is trans or gender-diverse, we can also help you with any questions or resource needs that you may have.

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Vancouver Lower Mainland, BC-Wide

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Last Updated on January 24, 2017