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FamilySmart helps children and young people by helping their family and other caring adults. They offer parent peer support, monthly events, resources and workshops to support the mental health of children, youth and families.

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Here are some of the ways FamilySmart can offer support to you and your family:

Parent Peer Support– Parent Peer Support Workers provide emotional support, information, resources and help in navigating services for all parents and caregivers with a child or youth with mental health and/or substance use challenges. Services are free. No waitlist.

Resources + Videos– The FamilySmart website has free resources and videos on topics important to families who are parenting a child, youth or young adult with a mental health and/or substance use challenge.

Events– Every month, FamilySmart hosts events called ‘in the know’ for parents and caregivers. You’ll watch a video and share experiences and strategies that help in the hard moments and focus on strengthening understanding and connection with your kids.

Workshops– Support for families after a mental health crisis. Every month, FamilySmart offers the Help for the Hard Times workshops for families of a child or youth who has been a patient in a psychiatric unit or had an ER visit due to their mental health.

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Last Updated on October 10, 2023